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  • You will need a full glass of water to take a pill;
  • Phentermine is taken once or twice a day before or during the meal;
  • Phentermine can cause insomnia if taken before going to sleep;
  • Don’t chew or break the pill into pieces.

Interesting facts about Phentermine

It was approved in 1959 as an aid to reduce appetite. Phentermine got its wide spread in the beginning of 1970-s. It was called Fastin. Fastin from King Pharmaceuticals produced it for SmithKline Beecham, but its production was stopped in 1998. Fortunately, it wasn’t the end for these diet pills. It got brand new name – Ionamin, and a new producer – Medeva Pharmaceuticals. Nowadays it is sold as a generic medicine. A number of researches took place in 1990 and Phentermine got the name it’s well-known for.